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Five Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Tech Friends

It’s getting close to Christmas and the end of the year 🎉

Here, I’ve made a list of affordable gift ideas for your friends in tech! Most of these are relatively simple things that don’t require that you break the bank as the year has been hard on a lot of people.

Doing one or more of these things can certainly put a smile on someone’s face, if you’re interested in buying your tech friend a nice gift for the holidays, I’d suggest you keep reading this.

Gift cards

Give your friends vouchers or gift cards from their favorite stores. So that they can buy whatever they want.

It’s a win-win. Your friend gets something nice and you didn’t have to worry about buying something they might not like. Everyone is happy!


Tech accessories

Any kind of tech accessory that you’re sure your friend might want will suffice. However, make sure it’s something that fits your friends personality.

A PS5 game, camera lens, laptop stand, microphone, stylus pen, headphones, laptop pouch, HDMI converter, or anything else you know that they might want. The list is endless.


Branded items

A painting, custom mug or t-shirt with their favorite quote would be a very thoughtful gift. If they’re like me and don’t have a favorite quote, you can put their face on it. It’s the best 😋.


Tech stock

Please give us Tesla stock. We will never let you down.

You can also buy stock from other tech companies. Apps that allow you trade stock also allow you to buy a stock gift for a friends.


A SPA day

As Software Engineers, we are always pressing laptop and as a result, we sit too much and some people get back pains. A massage will be very nice.



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