Who is Adora Nwodo? Allow me to re-introduce myself

Who is Adora Nwodo?

My name is Nenne (at least that’s the first name my parents gave me). I prefer being called Adaora (I spell it as Adora instead 😎), which is actually my middle name.

I have a lot of hobbies and this has made a lot of people unsure of who I actually am in the past months.


I love music and I mix songs in my room – Some people call me a DJ (Once upon a time, I wanted to be one).

I am an entrepreneur. I own a fashion business – Some of my female friends call me Madam Fort Bespoke.

I love makeup and I’m always taking selfies – A guy once sent me a dm on instagram because he thought I was a model.

I like going out to eat, and when I do I take pictures of my food – Some people thought I had a food blog. 

I like throwing parties and hosting people. Doesn’t make me an event planner.

I love taking videos on my snapchat when I cook – Some people thought I had a food blog. 


Honestly, I love all these things. I love food, music, clothes, people and many other things. But this doesn’t mean that my profession must be music or food inclined.

*clears throat*

So allow me to re-introduce myself

I am Nenne Adaora (Adora) Nwodo, a Software Developer. I am also an Entrepreneur and a Google Associate Android Developer. I graduated from Unilag in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science ( First class baby ☺️), and I work at Neukleos now.


How did I get here?

For me, my love for technology started when my dad brought my first pc into the house. I was six years old at the time. I do not remember the brand of the computer itself (I think it was dell), but it ran on Windows 2000. At age six, I would make really crappy complementary cards in Corel draw, I would also make opening sequences (or film intros) in Microsoft powerpoint and I was feeling myself. It was fun learning for me. I wanted to create things and in my little way, thats what I was doing and it sure felt good.

When I got into secondary school, I took all my ICT classes seriously. I learned to code in Visual Basic and I also played with Web Development then. To be honest, this had an impact in my course choice going into the university.

In my year 12, it was time to choose my path. One side of me wanted to study Mathematics and learn to code (I am a math genius). The other side wanted to fully go into the whole computer science thing. I got advice from some people and decided to go into computer science instead.



I feel the software developers and other related professions are like mini gods to be very honest. I mean, you take and idea and turn it into something completely amazing. We create stuff. Like we were created by the creator to create (see what i did there?). Perfect examples would be Facebook, Uber, Google, Amazon, Ebay etc.

I love being able to look at a problem, and by breaking that problem into bits of subproblems, be able to solve each bit and collectively solve the big problem using technology. It is pretty awesome.

However, I want to do more. I have always liked the idea of making the world a better place with technology. I want to make impact and now that I am out of school, I hope that I am able to use my new superpower to make life easy for the people around me somehow.



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